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Episode 28 - First Responses from FV "Accountability Pod"

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

In the last few weeks the first two responses from Franklin Veaux’s “accountability pod” and a veritable cornucopia of new material from Polyamory’s #metoo Survivor Pod have been released. Join us as we take a look.


  • Most recent update from the survivor pod: Link

  • Aida Manduley’s Twitter response: Link

  • New survivor story collection: Link

  • Dr. Elisabeth Sheff’s “accountability pod” post: Link

  • Louisa Leontiades on “How I Fucked Up (So Far): Link

  • Samantha Manewitz's response to Dr. Elisabeth Sheff’s post: Link

  • Louisa Leontiades's direct response to Dr. Elisabeth Sheff’s post: Link

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