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About the Probably Poly team

Michael Haag
Host of Probably Poly

Hi. I am Michael Haag. I write, speak and produce art about polyamory as well as ethical non-monogamy. 

I have been a practicing polyamorist for 9 years. My background is in philosophy. My scholarship is in philosophy, ethics and applied ethics. 

Through our Probably Poly podcast, I seek to bring focus to why this ethics-based perspective is important to a community that claims to be polyamorous or ethically non-monogamous. 

Polyamory is often defined as ethical non-monogamy or at least being in the umbrella of ethical non-monogamy. We have “ethical” right in the name that we’re all claiming to be, and ethical is a philosophy term. 

If we’re trying to lay claim to being ethical, and we don’t understand the discourse that describes what counts as being ethical, then it’s really hard to believe that we’re going to do that very well.

Mandee Conant
Co-host of Probably Poly

Mandee Conant is the Director of Atlanta Poly Weekend, one of the South’s largest non-monogamy focused conferences. She has been actively poly in various forms and served in numerous poly-roles throughout most of her adult life. 

Juggling a full-time corporate job, as well as the needs of her three children and multiple partners, has provided Mandee with a thorough understanding of the need for communication and time management. She has a very hands-on personality, whether it’s organizing social functions or managing projects at work. 

She passionately supports the local alternative lifestyle communities and lends her time and resources, when able, to help plan and host events in the LGBT, kink, and poly communities. 

Mandee enjoys presenting and has spoken at multiple alternative lifestyle conferences around her hometown of Atlanta, along with events in Boise and Denver. She hopes that sharing her candid stories and life experiences gives people a unique perspective into relationships and possibly a connection they were looking to find.

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Co-host of Probably Poly
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